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Tribute Blankets

Compassionate, personalized & affordable services.

Our Woven Tribute Blanket is large and impressive, yet soft to the touch.

They are easily displayed at calling hours on a floral display or draped
over the casket, and can create a more beautiful setting for cremation or memorial services. They can also be used to memorialize pets, and make nice gifts for other occasions.
We offer our tribute blankets with an overnight delivery option.

What makes this product unique? These blankets are unique because the image is woven into the blanket ~ not simply printed. They are machine-washable, non-fading, and designed to be well-used, loved, and cherished.

Much like Linus's security blanket, these are more than just blankets: they are allies, offering families comfort and a point of stability in a world that often feels like it's spinning out of control after a loss.